BACON Interview with John & Gibson Berryhill – Boise, ID

 June 5, 2020

By  Dine.Digital

BACON was the topic in this episode of The DISH! We spoke with the father/son team of John and Gibson Berryhill in Boise, Idaho. They've perfected the craft of bacon at BACON.

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"In 1995 I cooked my first strip of Berryhill Bacon. People loved that bacon back then. In fact, they loved it so much, I opened a restaurant and called it BACON. Who’d a thunk we’d be sellin' over 8 TONS of our bacon each year. That’s a lotta bacon folks! We’ve even added packages ‘ta purchase of our top seller – original Berryhill Bacon. Now you can take it home ‘ta cook yourself. Just ask anyone at BACON, and we’ll set you right. Of course, we’ve gotten some pretty great media coverage, like Travel Channel’s “Bacon Paradise 2”, Food & Wine Magazine’s “Best in the U.S. Mac and Cheese”, “Go There, Eat That” on ASY‐TV, “FSR Magazine” for our original Berryhill/Bacon “Flip” concept, and many more. Well, there is certainly a love for not just what we do at BACON, but for bacon itself. BACON was born for those who love bacon. It was born for you. And we really really thank you for being a part of our history."

Cheers! john berryhill


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